NIBULON exports grain at record pace so far 2021/22

In the first three months of 2021/22 (July-September), NIBULON exported 1.83 mln t of grain from Ukraine, the highest quarterly indicator for the company.

The bulk volume of export shipment was formed by the following commodities:

  • wheat: 973.4 thou. t
  • barley: 543.3 thou. t
  • rapeseed: 206.3 thou. t
  • corn: 107.1 thou. t

A significant part of commodities, 61.5%, was shipped at the outer roadstead of Mykolaiv Commercial Seaport by a 140-m NIBULON MAX river-sea floating vessel and St. Mykolai floating crane.

NIBULON shipped products onto 38 vessels that departed for destination ports in 20 countries, including Bangladesh, Belgium, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, the Netherlands, Jordan, Kenya, China, Mexico, Pakistan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates and France.

The company handled 700.9 thou. t of agricultural commodities in August 2021. The previous record, which was set in August 2019, stood for two years at 640.4 thou. t.

In September, the company was refunded with UAH 1,499.2 mln of VAT.

Recently, NIBULON signed an agreement for a lease of its two river barges to Ascet Shipping, a port operator in Berdyansk.

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