Egypt's GASC booked 120 thou. t of Ukraine wheat

The Egyptian national buyer GASC bought 360 000 t of wheat for December 1-10, 2021, loading period in an international tender, informs. Wheat was sourced from Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

GASC booked 120 thou. t of Ukrainian wheat, 180 thou. t of Russian wheat and 60 thou. t of Romanian wheat.

Wheat will be supplied by:

  • GTСS: 60 000 of Russian wheat at 327 $/t FOB and $29.5 of freight, 356.5 $/t C&F
  • Viterra: 60 000 of Romanian wheat at 328.36 $/t FOB and $31.5 of freight, 359.86 $/t C&F
  • NIBULON: 60 000 of Ukrainian wheat at 327.5 $/t FOB and $32.95 of freight, 360.45 $/t C&F
  • Solaris: two 60 000 consignments of Russian wheat at 328.36 $/t FOB and $32.64 of freight, 361 $/t C&F
  • Olam: 60 000 of Ukrainian wheat at 328.7 $/t FOB and $33.2 of freight, 361.9 $/t C&F

Reportedly, it is the first tender in which the 15% freight advantage of the Egyptian National Navigation Company (NNC) was suspended, allowing GTCS, a Dubai based trading company that specialises in Russian grains, to make its own freight offer as well.

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Wheat export market and Ukraine's place in it (click for higher resolution). Source: UBTA

In the previous tender, Egypt purchased 240 thou. t of Ukrainian wheat.

Wheat export from Ukraine as of 27 October came to 11.74 mln t.

The USDA in its October report left unchanged the projection for Ukraine's wheat export in 2021/22 at 23.5 mln t.

Wheat export from Ukraine in 2021/22 was limited to 25.3 mln t. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Agrarian Ministry and grain market participants.

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