EU sunflower processing in 2021/22 projected record high

Sunflowerseed processing in the EU in 2021/22 may reach a new record of 9 mln t, with the bulk yield of seeds in Member States growing to 10.5 mln t, considerably higher than in 2020/21 (8.9 mln t), the APK-Inform consultancy writes with reference to Oil World's forecasts.

Analysts project the strongest growth in sunflower production in Romania, to 2.96 mln t (+43% YoY), in France to 1.9 mln t (+18%), in Bulgaria to 2.01 mln t (+16%), and in Hungary to 1.8 mln t (+8%).

"With the forecast increase in sunflowerseed yield in the EU, its imports to the Union in 2021/22 may fall to its three-season low, to 0.62 mln t. Experts anticipate a decrease in oilseed supplies mainly from Russia," the report reads.

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Reportedly, higher sunflowerseed production in the EU will contribute to an increase in sunflower exports to a maximum over the past 8 years, to 750 thou. t (+14% YoY).

The USDA in its October report revised downward the projection for sunflower production in Ukraine in 2021/22.

As of 13 October, sunflower production in Ukraine reached 10.91 mln t on 73% of the planned areas. The average yield summed 2.3 t/ha.

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Sunflowerseeds production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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