October USDA: sunflowerseeds production in Ukraine projected 0.5 mln t lower

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in its October report put the projection for sunflowerseed production 2021/22 in Ukraine at 17 mln t, 0.5 mln lower on the September report.

Ukraine's sunflowerseed meal output projection for 2021/22 is also reduced to 6.83 mln t, 0.1 mln t down mth/mth (September report: 6.93 mln t). Sunflowerseed oil production is expected at 7.12 mln t (September report: 7.23 mln t).

The world sunflowerseed production in 2021/22 is projected in the October USDA report at 55.86 mln t, 0.92 mln t up on September projection. Sunflowerseed oil outturn is anticipated lower, at 21.79 mln t (September report: 22.1 mln t). The USDA projects the world sunflowerseed meal output in 2021/22 to fall to 23.2 mln t (September report: 23.6 mln t).

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Sunflowerseed and products output in the key producing countries in 2021/22:

Country Sunflowerseed, mln t Sunflowerseed meal, mln t Sunflowerseed oil, mln t
 Argentina 3.4 1.27 1.27
 Russia 15 5.7 5.74
 Turkey 1.8 1.47 1.17
 Ukraine 17 6.83 7.12
 EU 9.95 4.9 3.87

Sunflowerseed production in the rest of producing countries is projected at 8.7 mln t, sunflowerseed oil at 2.63, sunflowerseed meal at 3.01 mln t.

As of 7 October, sunflower harvesting in Ukraine progressed to 8.75 mln t or 59% of the projected area. The crop yielded 2.27 t/ha on average.

In January-August 2021, crude sunflowerseed oil production in Ukraine totalled 2.52 mln t, 32.2% lower YoY.

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