Corn yield gets at 10.8 t/ha in MHP farms

MHP, an agro and industrial holding founded and chaired by Yuri Kosyuk, is to harvest the new crop on 355 thou. ha in the 2021 production season.

The company informs that the harvesting campaign of sunflower, corn and soybean is on track. As of today, MHP's harvesting campaign of sunflower is 85% complete with a current bunker yield of 3.4 t/ha, around 28% of corn is harvested with a current bunker yield of 10.8 t/ha and around 55% of soybean is harvested with the current bunker yield of 2.9 t/ha.

MHP harvesting campaign 2021
Crop Production, thou. t Yield, t/ha
 Corn 488.46 (28% of area cropped) 10.8 
 Wheat 215.86 (100%) 5.9
 Sunflower 246.37(85%) 3.4
 Rapeseed 70.56 (100%) 3.3
 Soybean 35.26 (55%) 2.9

The sowing campaign of winter crops is almost complete on around 70,455 ha of land (around 60% of the land is under winter wheat, around 40% is under winter rapeseed).

The new crop progress in Ukraine as of 13 October came to 52.6 mln t of grains and legumes on 11.6 mln ha. The average yield made up 4.48 t/ha.

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