Georgia market opens for Ukrainian poultry products

The competent authorities of Ukraine and Georgia have harmonized the form of a certificate for the export of poultry meat and co-products from Ukraine, the SSUFSCP reports.

"The government is working on new opportunities for Ukrainian companies to earn more money in foreign markets. This means more foreign currency earnings for Ukraine, a stronger national currency, taxes for the budget, and new jobs. This week Ukrainian poultry producers and processors got new export opportunities to Georgia. Step by step we create conditions for international expansion of Ukrainian goods," says Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

In July this year, a Ukrainian delegation visited Georgia to promote exports of Ukrainian products, in particular livestock products.

"Georgia is an important trade partner of our country. Now Ukrainian poultry producers have additional opportunities for export to this country," adds Vladyslava Magaletska, head of SSUFSCP. "I am confident that in the future bilateral trade relations between the countries will move forward."

The form of the certificate is available on the SSUFSCP website.

Previously reported that Jordan admitted Ukrainian poultry products to its market.

Chicken meat export from Ukraine in 2020 totalled 431 thou. t worth USD 555 mln, a new record for the country.

Ukraine's position in the global poultry meat market (click for higher resolution). Source: UBTA

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