Soybean oil production in Ukraine 2020/21: largest processors

Katerynopilsky elevator, a subsidiary of MHP, generated a 22% market share of soybean oil production in Ukraine in 2020/21(September 2020-August 2021).

According to the Ukroilprom data, soybean oil production in Ukraine reached 198.7 thou. t in the 2020/21 season.

Top 6 largest soybean oil producers in Ukraine in the reporting period (by market share):

  1. Katerynopilsky elevator (MHP): 22%
  2. Globyno Processing Plant (Astarta-Kyiv): 16.4%
  3. Transpostach: 12.6%
  4. Pology Oil Extraction Plant: 9%
  5. Elevator Bud Invest: 8.6%
  6. Falcon Agro Group: 5.9%

The world soybean oil market and Ukraine's place in it (click for higher resolution). Source: UBTA

In the 2019/20 season, the MHP oil crushing facility also held the leading position in soybean oil production with a 17.6% market share.

Soybean harvest in Ukraine as of 28 October progressed to 3.05 mln t on 1.2 mln ha, 90% of the total area. Soybean yielded 2.65 t/ha on average in Ukraine.

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