Sugar plants in Ukraine managed half-season output within two months of 2021/22

As of 1 November 2021, sugar plants in Ukraine produced 735 thou. t of sugar. This makes up 51% of the forecast 1.45 mln t to be produced in 2021/22(September 2021-August 2022). Sugar beet processors managed this volume of white sugar within two months, i.e. September-October 2021/22, the Scientific and Practical Center for Sugar Beet Production reports.

Beet sugar carryovers at the start of the 2021/22 season were 141 thou. t, compared to 255 thou. t last year.

The expected import of sugar (white sugar and raw sugar) this year is forecast at 40 thou. t vs. last year's 163 thou. t. As of the reporting date, Ukraine did not import sugar products.

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The total supply of sugar products on the reporting date was 876 thou. t of the forecast 1.63 mln t. Last year the market supply reached 1.6 mln t of beet sugar.

The domestic consumption amounted to 230 thou. t of the projected 1.38 mln t, and exports made up 1 thou. t of the anticipated 20 thou. t. Total demand for the product (domestic consumption + export) as of the reporting date was 231 thou. t or 16.5% of the expected 2021/22 demand.

Beet sugar production in Ukraine since the start of the 2021/22 season has come to 670.3 thou. t.

As of 28 October, sugar beet harvesting in Ukraine was 73% completed, the crop yielded 47.11 t/ha on average.

In the current production season, beet sugar output is projected by the Economy Ministry to reach 1.4 mln t, 30% above the previous season's outturn.

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