US cooperates with Ukraine in investigation of attempted assassination of Roman Leshchenko: MIA

The U.S. Embassy was notified about the attempted assassination of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko by an American citizen, the Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrsky stated during an appearance on 1+1 TV channel.

"The embassy expressed its readiness to cooperate and seek other details about the activities of a U.S. citizen who intended to organize the assassination of the Minister of Agriculture," commented Denys Monastyrsky.

As a reminder, on Nov. 18, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrsky announced that the law enforcers of Ukraine prevented an attempt to assassinate the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko. A U.S. citizen and a citizen of Ukraine are presumed to have ordered the murder. It was announced that they were looking for a contractor who allegedly owed a U.S. citizen USD 150,000.

The U.S. citizen hired a debt collector to threaten Roman Leshchenko and his family. He was paid USD 150,000 to extort money from the Agrarian Minister, and then he disappeared.

After that, the U.S. citizen came to Ukraine to retaliate against the debt collector. This process was controlled by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, his murder was faked. There is video evidence of this incident. The next victim was supposed to be Roman Leshchenko.

According to Denys Monastyrsky, now the interrogations of suspects continue — an American citizen and a Ukrainian citizen, who acted as an intermediary and orderer of the murder.

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