Feodal receives its first USD 250,000 tranche from European investors

Andrey Demyanovych, the founder and head of the Feodal project
Andrey Demyanovych, the founder and head of the Feodal project
Photo by: Latifundist.com

The Feodal project received its first USD 250,000 tranche of Pre-Seed(Pre-Seed is an investment to start a global product expansion to the mass market.) funding of over USD 1 mln from a group of European investors. Feodal plans to distribute this money in two directions: for international expansion and, in particular, to expand the number of products and services for existing and potential customers of the company.

Andrey Demyanovych

Founder and head of the Feodal project

"Investment for us is a resource for expanding the team and speeding up the development of new products for efficient management of company assets. In addition, it provides access to new markets. We support the ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) ideology and will work on its implementation."

It should be noted that Feodal's products are used by numerous market players.

The company provides services to both farmers and territorial communities and is present in nearly every region. In the last year alone, the company audited more than 350 communities and conducted even more audits for farmers. The Feodal.Land system has already digitalized more than 5 mln ha of Ukrainian land, and every month this figure grows.

Feodal was running in test mode before it was fully launched in August 2019.

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