Agribusiness supposed one of expedient investment areas in 2022

In 2022, investors regard the agricultural sector of Ukraine as one of the most attractive for investment activity, writes. Experts identify the real estate, logistics and IT sectors, including the agricultural market, as sectors favourable from an investment point of view.

"Optimization in agriculture through a software-based approach is a particularly promising area," says Volodymyr Kryvko, managing partner at Chernovetskyi Investment Group.

Investors are advised to keep part of their portfolio in liquid assets in Ukraine and part in foreign instruments, experts note. By doing so, they will be able to mitigate geopolitical risks such as possible military aggression by the Russian Federation.

"In pursuance of accumulating, I suggest that newcomers do not delve into industry analytics and do not try to guess where the bottom and the top are. Time and diversification help to gain it," comments First Kyiv Investment Club founder Ivan Kompan.

According to him, one may start by buying exchange-traded funds on NASDAQ or S&P500 index. The market will always grow, he believes.

Previously reported that a Ukrainian land assets management service Feodal received the first tranche of the total investment of over USD 1 mln from the European investors.

Investment in Ukraine's agricultural sector (click for higher resolution)

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