Goodvalley Ukraine produced record-high wheat, barley, soybean crop in 2021

2021 was a record year for crop production in Ukraine in terms of crop yields, and Goodvalley Ukraine achieved the company's highest-ever yield indicators.

The company reports it completed the harvesting campaign as planned. Besides, the high quality of the crop in 2021 allowed for a higher rent to be paid in kind for the land shares.

"It is not uncommon for the unfavourable weather conditions to delay the harvest and the campaign comes to an end in late fall. The weather was fine for this season's campaign and we completed it fast," the company says in a statement.

Goodvalley Ukraine farming segment set records for four crops: winter barley, winter and spring wheat, and soybeans. Harvesting campaign results are as follows:

  • corn: 9.7 t/ha of average yield
  • winter wheat: 7.3 t/ha
  • spring wheat: 4,7 t/ha
  • winter barley: 7,9 t/ha
  • spring barley: 6,1 t/ha
  • soybean: 3,7 t/ha

Having rented a large part of the machinery, the company could not avoid technical problems — the rented machinery did not enter the fields in time.

As a reminder, in mid-December 2021, Kasper Torup-Villadsen was appointed CEO of Goodvalley Ukraine.

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