Agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 49% of early crops

Agriproducers in 2 regions of Ukraine, Mykolaiv and Zakarpattya, have completed early crops harvesting. The wheat campaign is 82% done, peas and rapeseed are 95% harvested, and barley is 89% collected, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine reports.

As of August 11, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk regions harvested more than 2 mln t of new crop. Five more regions crossed the million-ton threshold.

The early crops harvesting campaign has been finalized on 5.5 mln ha, 49% of the planned areas. The average yield of crops totals 3.81 t/ha. Producers have collected 20.8 mln t of new crop, including:

  • wheat: 15.4 mln t on 3.8 mln ha, avg. yield 4.01 t/ha
  • barley: 4.9 mln t on 1.4 mln ha, avg. yield 3.44 t/ha
  • peas: 239 thou. t on 106 thou. ha, avg. yield 2.24 t/ha
  • rapeseed: 2.9 mln t on 1.04 mln ha, avg. yield 2.79 t/ha

The highest average yield of grains and legumes is reported by the producers in Khmelnytsky region — 6.2 t/ha.

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