Arnika delivered the largest batch of hemp in the US history

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Agro-industrial group Arnika sold 30 mt of technical hemp seed to the USA. The buyer of seeds was the Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado and company Reakiro provided the assistance in organization of delivery. According to Konstantin Polozov, the Commercial Director of the company, the supply of such a volume of technical hemp seeds from Ukraine is of historic importance for America.

"In the US, the cultivation of hemp was banned since 1936. At the same time, the government did not differentiate between technical hemp and marijuana. And only in 2014 in the US the farmer’s law came into force which allowed growing hemp for research purposes. Then the Adams State University agreed with the US Department of Agriculture on the supply of technical hemp seed from Europe. For the first time, the Drug Enforcement Administration granted permission to supply hemp to the country, and this is the largest supply of technical hemp in the history of America", said Konstantin Polozov.

According to Konstantin Polozov, they chose Arnika among all European seed producers because its seeds had most suitable technical characteristics. Moreover, Arnika was the only company able to provide quality seeds in large quantities.

The delivery was carried out by planes with reload in Germany. Now the seeds are undergoing a series of studies at the Adams State University. After that technical hemp will be sown in different states of the country. If the research is successful, the US will begin the industrial production of technical hemp.

"Now the technical hemp is used to produce various extracts. It is also actively used in pharmaceuticals and in production of supercapacitor, as well as cloth and much more is being done from hemp. Therefore, it is quite possible that the cooperation with Arnika will continue", says Konstantin Polozov.

The representatives of Agro-industrial group Arnika say that the supply of hemp seeds to America was an important stage in the development of product export, and the company is always open to cooperation.

"It was a valuable experience for us because it was the first time we delivered our products to America, and for the first time we used air transport. Having opened a new market for the company, we intend to develop this export direction, therefore, we will be glad to continue our cooperation with the Adams State University", comments Alexander Bugayets, the leading expert on logistics and customs control at the Agro-industrial group Arnika.

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