HarvEast plans to launch a seed plant in August 2018

HarvEast company plans to launch a seed producing plant in Donetsk region in August 2018, writes LIGA.net.

Dmitriy Skorniakov, CEO of HarvEast, informed that investments before the launch will amount to USD 3 million. Another USD 1 million is needed for a full load. The plant's capacity will be 8 tons per hour. It is planned that the plant will produce sunflower, peas, lentils, as well as wheat and barley seeds.

In the next 2 years, the company plans to increase the irrigated area for producing seeds to 2.5 thousand hectares. Investment in irrigation, according to Dmitriy Skorniakov, should be about USD 6 million.

Also HarvEast expects to begin production of its own hybrids. The company entered into a licensing agreement with the French company Maisadour.

"We take an unregistered hybrid, and we will try to produce our own seeds. Perhaps, in the future it will be our HarvEast hybrid," he summed up.

Reference: HarvEast launched Valley irrigation systems from ABA ASTRA.

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