The structure of egg market in Ukraine is close to oligopoly — AMCU

The market structure of chicken eggs in Ukraine is close to oligopoly while preserving its competitiveness.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine reports that the market of chicken eggs is characterized by seasonal fluctuations in demand from the end consumers and offers from the producers. This fact is confirmed by the information of the largest trading networks and the State Statistics Service.

The major market participants in terms of production volumes of chicken eggs are as follows:

The aggregate share of the three largest industrial participants of the market (Avangard, Ovostar Union and Inter-Agrosystems) is 46.61%.

As AMCU notes, the market is export-oriented with a tendency to increase export volumes.

Taking into account the dynamics of production, marketing of eggs in Ukraine and export, AMCU extended for 2018 the market study for compliance with the legislation on the protection of economic competition in connection with price fluctuations.

Reference: export of eggs from Ukraine in January amounted to 7.2 thou. tons and was worth of USD 7.06 thou.

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