NIBULON finalizes commissioning activities at the elevator complex

Commissioning activities at the construction site of the new elevator complex of the company NIBULON in Mykolayiv are almost complete, the company informs.

"Meanwhile, finalizes start-up and stage-by-stage testing of installed modern equipment from world manufacturers, such as Bühler GmbH (Germany), PRECIA S.A. (France), Cimbria Unigrain A/S (Denmark), UAB Liucija (Lithuania) and others," the message says.

After putting the facility into operation, it will provide new jobs, in particular grain-handling equipment operators, dockers-machine operators for loading and unloading operations, electrical fitters for the repair of electrical equipment, electronics engineers, etc.

The enterprise is fully automated, therefore, to ensure uninterrupted operation requires a minimum human intervention.

"Today, landscaping is 50% complete. Due to the uncharacteristic weather conditions for March (strong and frequent precipitation in the form of rain, snow, frosts, ice), its implementation as well as the construction of the last 20 m of the cargo berth is delayed, but it does not affect the terms of commissioning the facility. 10th and 11th sections of the berthing facility are already concreted," the message says.

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