Swiss Marcopolo Commodities aims opening a Ukrainian office

The management of the Swiss company Marcopolo Commodities (MPC), which united experts in the field of trade in grain, oilseeds, processed products and biofuel, has made a decision to establish a representation office in Ukraine.

This was informed by Elena Neroba, Head of Analytical Department of the company, APK-Inform reports.

The reason for opening the office in Ukraine is an increasing influence of the Black Sea region on world trade.

"Before the new season starts, it is planned to open the Ukrainian office. Its tasks will include the purchase of corn, wheat, barley, processed products and delivery to CPT for subsequent sale to FOB/CIF to end users. Naturally, we will form a team that corresponds to the paradigms of MPC: a deep knowledge of the market, mobility, efficiency and focus on results," said Elena Neroba.

She also noted that the average volume of the transaction will be 15 thou. tons of grain, or 10 thou. tons of processed products, and the company intends to purchase directly from the producers.

"The plan is quite aggressive — to reach 1 mln. tons of supplies per season. Considering that we already have experience of deliveries to the traditional markets for Ukraine, the company will strengthen the presence of products of Ukrainian origin in these countries. Now markets of China, Pakistan, Egypt and Israel are actively worked over," summed up Elena Neroba.

Note: Marcopolo Commodities S.A. was founded in 2015 and already worked with Ukrainian counterparties.

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