Danosha renamed into Goodvalley Ukraine

The company Danosha has a new name Goodvalley Ukraine since March 16, 2018, Association of Pig breeders in Ukraine (APU) reports with the reference to the press service of the company.

On February 26, Axzon introduced its new name and brand — Goodvalley.

"Goodvalley is focused on finding new ways of producing food of excellent quality, by being environmentally-friendly at the same time. We have our own technology. We do everything ourselves. We are convinced of the need to cultivate our land to produce crops. We harvest for the preparation of our own feed, and grow our pigs for the production of meat products. This approach allows us to ensure quality at all stages of production," the message says.

Note: Since 1994, Axzon has built a business model based on a vertically integrated value chain that is characterized as environmentally-friendly production, which includes crop and feed production, pig breeding on the Group farms, meat processing, and generating bioenergy. The main activity of the Group is concentrated in the subsidiaries of Poldanor and Prime Food (Poland), Danosha (Ukraine) and Dan-Invest (Russia).

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