Avangard in 2017 increased egg exports twofold

For the year 2017, Avangard exported 558 mln units of shell eggs, up by 121% YoY (2016: 252 mln units), the company reports.

Sales of shell eggs amounted to 1,869 mln units, up by 23% YoY (2016: 1,515 mln units).

Production of shell eggs totaled 2,399 mln units, a decline of 4% YoY (2016: 2,496 mln units).

"The production of dry egg products amounted to 6,368 tons, a decline of 48% YoY (2016: 12,219 tons). Exports of dry egg products amounted to 2,561 tons, a decline of 69% YoY (2016: 8,249 tons)," the reports states.

Reference: Avangard informed that its Avis poultry complex received approval to export class A eggs to the European Union effective from February 28, 2018.

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