Avangard egg production in Q1 2018 increased 36%

In Q1 2018, Avangard's production of shell eggs totalled 664 mln units, up 39% YoY (Q1 2017: 462 mln units).

Sales of shell eggs amounted to 493 mln units, up 37% YoY (Q1 2017: 360 mln units).

The average sales price of shell eggs was UAH 1.76 per unit, excluding VAT, up 56% YoY (Q1 2017: UAH 1.13 per unit, excluding VAT).

The production of dry egg products amounted to 1,839 tons, up 68% YoY (Q1 2017: 1,095 tons).

As of 31 March 2018, the total poultry flock amounted to 13.3 mln hens, down 5% YoY (31 March 2017: 14.0 mln hens). The number of laying hens amounted to 9.3 mln hens, down 12% YoY (31 March 2017: 10.6 mln hens).

Earlier it was reported that Avangard export revenue from sales of shell eggs and dry egg products had risen by 127% YoY and amounted to USD 17.3 mln, or 42% of the company’s consolidated revenue (Q1 2017: USD 7.6 mln, or 22% of the company’s consolidated revenue).

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