Nika-Tera loaded the first ship with meal on the warehouse-ship scheme

On July 24, Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera loaded the first ship with oilseed meal on the warehouse-ship scheme.

At the berths of the port, PHOENIX (General Cargo) was loaded with 11.4 thou. tons of granulated sunflower meal, destined for the Netherlands.

Nika-Tera has completed the formation of a full range of port services for companies specializing in the processing of oilseeds. The enterprise's capacities allow, simultaneously with the work of its own oil transshipment terminal, to store and transship meal, which is another product of sunflower seeds processing.

Acceptance of meal can be carried out from motor and railway transport in the volume of up to 8 thou. tons a day. The rate of shipment of oil cargo on the vessel amounts to 10 thou. tons per day.

Reference: in June 2018, the volume of cargo transshipment in the seaport of Nika-Tera exceeded the corresponding indicator of 2017 by 21%.

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