ROSTOK-HOLDING elevators received 69.4 thousand tons of grain

AgroTimes reports that since the beginning of the harvesting season, the elevators of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group have received 69,400 tons of early crops, in particular, winter wheat, spring barley, and peas, while the ratio of food (grade 2 and grade 3) and forage (grade 6) is 50: 50.

"The biggest quality issue with the received grain is the in-ear grain sprouting, which is especially observed in the varieties of local breeding," the report says.

The company notes that this is the result of heavy rains falling almost daily during the second and third decades of July.

At the same time, fungicides treatment helped to avoid fungal diseases despite the fact that there was an outburst of common root rot in the regions of Rostock-Holding operation.

Reference: all the enterprises of the Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) agro-industrial holding have started the campaign of sunflower desccication. By mid-August, they have already desccicated over 1 thousand hectares of the crops.

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