IMC completed soybean harvesting with 3 tons/hectare

On October 9, 2018, IMC completed harvesting of soybeans. In total, 32.2 thou. tons of soybeans were harvested from the area of more than 10.7 thou. hectares. The average productivity was 3 t/ha, which is 20% higher than the average soybean yield in Ukraine.

In addition, ten days earlier, on 29 September 2018, IMC completed harvesting of sunflower. This year, IMC reached a record sunflower yield of 3.5 t/ha, 82.5 thou. tons of sunflower were harvested from the area of 23.7 thou. hectares. The company notes that the yield of sunflower in IMC is more than one and a half times higher than the average sunflower yield in Ukraine.

“The current season can definitely be considered as successful for oilseeds, we are completely satisfied with the results. High yields confirm the correctness of the selected cultivation technology, which is based on the use of high-quality varieties and hybrids of seeds of foreign selection, on an intensive nutrition system and a high-quality crop protection program. In addition, our company is actively introducing elements of precision farming, which allow us to be completely confident in the effective use of each dollar invested in technology. At the same time, our employees are the decisive factor in achieving good results, this is really a team of professionals aimed at efficiency and results,” said Oleksandr Verzhykhovskyi, Chief Operating Officer of IMC.

Previously it was reported that IMC had achieved a USD 24.33 million net profit in 1H 2018 against USD 30.29 million in the corresponding period in 2017.

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