Astarta completes oilseeds harvesting with a yield of 2.9 t/ha

The agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv finished oilseeds harvesting campaign with a bulk yield of 183 thou. tons which is 20% higher y-o-y and historically the highest oilseeds harvest in the company.

In particular, 67 thou. tons of soybeans and 116 thou. tons of sunflower were harvested with an average productivity of 2.9 tons per ha (2017: 2.2 tons per ha of soybeans and 2.30 tons per ha of sunflower, respectively).

"This year, soybeans were sown on a smaller compact area, still demonstrating better results due to seeds quality improvements and more favourable climatic conditions. As for the sunflower, the company continues to expand the area under the oilseed culture," the message says.

Currently, Astarta continues harvesting of corn, which is to date 65% complete. The average corn yield is 9 tons per ha. Overall this year the company expects to reach 1 million tons of harvest for the first time in its history.

Previously it was reported that grains and pulses were harvested upon 13.3 million hectares (90% of the areas). The yield so far amounts to 57.5 million tons and the productivity is recorded at 4.31 tons/ha.

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