Agroprodservice to increase yields by 15-20%

The CEO of the Agroprodservice agricultural holding Andrey Baran informed about the company's plans to enhance yields within 15-20%, reports.

Agroprodservice specializes in livestock farming, crop production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and uses 6 universal sowing complexes TERRASEM by PÖTTINGER. The company managed 42 thou. hectares of farmland on which winter wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn, soybeans, as well as a range of spring crops, including spring barley and peas are produced.

In order to achieve higher efficiency, the company tested the quality of a number of sowing machines but opted for TERRASEM.

According to PÖTTINGER company representatives, the versatility of machines is appreciated in large fields, because, for example, the humidity in one field may be high and vice versa in another. TERRASEM universal sowing complexes provide an opportunity to quickly respond to different conditions, move from one field to another and cover large areas.

“The size of our fields ranges from 10 to 300 hectares, and there is quite a distance between them. Therefore, we need universal and productive machines. It is the universal sowing complex TERRASEM that allows performing high-quality sowing in different conditions,” says Vitaliy Tchaikovsky, CTO of Agroprodservice.

Another advantage of the TERRASEM sowing complex is that pre-sowing and sowing are combined in one working operation. This allows to preserve moisture in the soil, but not to overdry it.

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PÖTTINGER presented feed processing equipment at the InterAGRO 2018 Internation exhibition in Kyiv.


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