UkrLandFarming to rebuild its pig-breeding business

The UkrLandFarming agroholding reported a strategic reorganization of its pig complex with the replacement of genetics, fattening technologies and livestock breeding systems to increase growth rates and shorten fattening periods.

The company started a strategic reorganization of the Dneprianoe pig-breeding complex in Dnipropetrovs'k region in three areas:

  • substitution of the outdated genetics;
  • change of the technological approaches to feeding;
  • improvement of the breeding system, accounting and movement of livestock.

UkrLandFarming changes the main parent flock of Ukrainian breeding at the farm, which includes the purchase of genetic boars of the American selection by Choice Genetics and the breeding pigs of Danish genetics Dan Bred.

“Such livestock requires accurate care, therefore, the company changes the feeding system’s approach: it reviews the structure of rations, which has given a positive result in increasing gains by 150-200 grams, which in turn reduces the fattening period by 15-20 days and has a very positive effect on the economic performance of breeding,” the company commented.

In the future, a systemic change in the approach of breeding and feeding is planned. UkrLandFarming will reconstruct the facilities and purchase new automated systems for ventilation and feed distribution.

As reported earlier, UkrLandFarming was set to complete the debt restructuring process in 2019.

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