Agrain won the First Winter Agrarian Business Modeling Championship

The Agrain company team won the First Winter Agrarian Business Modeling Championship held by FarmForesight and The team was awarded USD 10.000. The student team Calipso won silver of the championship. The third position was taken by the Urozhayna Kraina (MHP) team.

Two pairs of teams competed in the semi-finals: Urozhayna Kraina (MHP) and Calipso, Agrain and Grano Group.

As a result of the semi-finals, Calipso (189.7%) and Agrain (170.9%) became the winners with the best return on capital. MHP finished the game with a score of 175%, and the Grano Group team — 141.4%.

In the final, the Agrain team won with a score of 201%. Calipso got silver with a rate of 197%.

The Agrain team admitted that the tandem of agronomists and economists was the key to victory. Other participants added that the opposing team was a decent and equal opponent.

“Thorough preparation, luck and team spirit helped us to win. When players share information, then the result rises instantly. In the future, we plan to use this tool in team building and youth training. We are interested in using such innovative approaches,” the team members noted.

The Calipso team noted that they had missed the victory due to an unfortunate mistake — they sowed too many fields and got a loan.

“In general, the game provided a greater understanding of business processes in the agrarian sector. We understood how the yield of different crops differs by region, how the price of agricultural products varies. If one engages in this business, there is already a certain understanding of how it works,” Anatoliy Kiraschuk (Calipso) said.

Game developers noted that the teamwork of the finalists allowed to achieve high results.

“Today’s teams have reached the final not by chance. They analysed models, prepared and sorted out the simulator mechanics. I think that all the teams won. So let's create the agrarian reality together,” Alexander Eine commented.

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