Avangard doubled egg exports in 2018

In 2018, Avangardco IPL increased egg production to 2.6 billion units, 9 per cent more from the previous year. Positive dynamics was observed in the egg sales segments having increased by 13 per cent to ~2.1 billion units, while exports showed a 47 per cent increase to 822 million units.

Dry egg products production improved by 2 per cent up to 6.5 thou. tons, sales boosted 3.5x up to 11 thou. tons, and exports — 2.2x up to 5.7 thou. tons.

The company also reported on the 41 per cent increase of the total poultry flock last year to 13.4 million heads, laying hens flock — by 13 per cent to 10.5 million heads.

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