IFC vests USD 2.6 mln in the Ukrainian dairy industry growth

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) allocated funds for an advisory program aimed at the development of the dairy industry in Ukraine.

The Project started on January 29, 2018. Its estimated end date is December 31, 2019. The Project`s goal is to facilitate the growth of the Ukrainian dairy industry by improving the operational efficiency and the productivity of dairy producers, by improving farmer access to inputs, services and financing and by supporting the modernization of the dairy processors.

The Project description states that it will serve as a platform on which IFC will build partnerships with dairy industry stakeholders with the aim to increase the cost-efficient output of high-quality milk and to support the consolidation and modernization of the milk processing industry so that it will become competitive on global export markets.

IFC will design, test and verify the tools, approaches and partnerships which would enable the Project to support the development of more than 600 of dairy cooperatives in Ukraine which are uniting and/or servicing more than 40,000 smallholder milk producers and reach more than 30,000 dairy farmers.

The estimated total budget is USD 2,596,191.00 (project budget includes all project-funded activities).

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