IFC provides a loan to Astarta-Kyiv and Nyva Pereyaslavschyny

IFC signed loan agreements with the agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv and pork producer Nyva Pereyaslavschyny on providing new facilities.

The total amount of financing is USD 42.5 million.

IFC is providing a USD 30 million loan to Astarta to help improve its environmental efficiency and strengthen its agricultural productivity and logistics as part of a broader effort to boost Ukraine's agribusiness sector and spur economic development. 

IFC’s financing will support a two-year investment program aimed at improving the company’s resource efficiency and competitiveness by modernizing its sugar plants. This would help reduce the use of gas, electricity, and water. The program also aims to help Astarta — which grows and trades grain and oilseed — purchase modern and efficient farm machinery and construct of new storage facilities.

The investment is part of IFC’s strategy to strengthen Ukraine’s agribusiness sector and increase the country’s export competitiveness.

IFC is investing up to USD 12.5 million in Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny to support its expansion and help create jobs, modernize Ukraine’s meat production sector, and boost sustainable agriculture.

Long-term debt financing will support Nyva’s investment program, which includes constructing a new meat-processing facility that will become one of the country’s first to comply with European Union standards for food safety and animal welfare. The company will also build a new pig farm and a rendering plant capable of recycling up to 50 tons of waste every day, helping to reduce its environmental footprint.

This is IFC’s second investment in Nyva, one of the country’s leading pork producers. It is expected to create about 300 jobs.

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