Corn emerged in the US 31 pct lower than the previous year — USDA

Corn planting campaign in the United States is carried out on 83 per cent of the planned areas vs. 99 per cent in the corresponding period last year. Corn emerging area is 1.6x lower than the previous year — 62 per cent vs. 93 per cent, USDA reports.

Corn sprouts condition is fair on 32 per cent of the area compared to 19 per cent for the relevant period last year, good — 52 per cent (59 per cent in 2018) and excellent — 7 per cent of the 2019 corn areas, which is 2.6x worse than in the corresponding period last year (18 per cent).

Planting rate of spring wheat in the US as of June 9 was 97 per cent of the planned (99 per cent of the 2018 spring wheat areas). By the spring wheat condition estimates, 73 per cent are in good and 8 per cent in excellent condition, which is higher than in the same period last year (75 per cent and 8 per cent, respectively).

According to the USDA report, spring wheat emerged at 85 per cent, 8 per cent less than last year's indicator (93 per cent).

Due to prolonged excessive wet conditions resulting in major delays in crop plantings, this year’s corn production in the United States was pegged at 330 million tons, down 45 million tons from FAO’s first production forecast published in May and almost 10 per cent (36 million tons) short of last year’s level.

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