NIBULON started transporting grain with new rail cars

NIBULON's grain rail cars
NIBULON's grain rail cars
Photo by: Пресс-служба компании «НИБУЛОН» / NIBULON

The NIBULON company forwarded 20 of its rail cars for grain loading to the Smotrych branch (Khmelnytsky region).

As of July 10th, NIBULON completed grain loading. The commodities have already been shipped to the reloading terminal in Mykolaiv.

"Hopper-type grain rail cars 19-6869 model manufactured by Carpathians Experimental and Mechanical Plant have modern characteristics: cargo-carrying capacity — 70.5 tons, body space — 120 m³," the company notes.

According to Alexey Vadatursky, CEO and majority shareholder of NIBULON, the company did not plan on ordering rail cars. In the CEO's opinion, the rail car fleet in Ukraine is enough to transport twice as much grain.

As previously reported, NIBULON commissioned a new river reloading terminal in the village of Ternivka (Zaporizhzhya region).

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