Kernel grain export volume surged 2.2x in FY2019

In FY2019 (July 2018 – June 2019), Kernel traded 10.4 mmt of grain, 2.2x more from FY2018 indicator of 4.6 mmt.

The company's grain trading volumes surged 57% to 2.5 mmt vs 1.6 mmt in FY2018.

By the company's report, the volume of traded grain from Ukraine increased 58% to 6.1 mmt (FY2018: 3.8 mmt). Grain export volumes from Ukraine in April-June 2019 surged by 39% y-o-y, to 1.4 mmt (Q4 FY2018: 1.03 mmt), of which 0.95 mmt was grain originated from external suppliers, and the remaining was produced by company’s farming division.

Kernel's export terminal's throughput in FY2019 reached 6 mmt, 1% (51.7 thou. tons) up y-o-y. In Q4 2018, the company's export terminals transshipped 1.3 mmt, 19% more y-o-y.

Kernel’s export terminal in Ukraine transshipped 1.2 million tons of grain, meal and vegetable oil in Q4 FY2019, up 4% y-o-y,  resulting in the highest ever annual throughput volumes of 4.6 million tons for FY2019, a 12% increase y-o-y.

Earlier it was reported that in FY2019 Kernel sold the record 1.6 million tons of sunflower oil, 15% more y-o-y.

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