Ukrlandfarming completed winter rapeseed planting by 50 pct

Ukrlandfarming agricultural holding planted 60% of the planned winter rapeseed areas for the 2020 crop. The company informed that the crop emergence was registered on 40% of areas.

"In 2019/20, Ukrlandfarming will adhere to the same crop rotation system as in the previous season. Our enterprises allocate the area for sowing winter wheat and winter rapeseed, unlike separate holdings and companies in Ukraine," said Vladyslav Tyutyunnyk, Head of the Crop Production Department.

According to the report, in autumn 2019 Ukrlandfarming planned to sow 20% more winter rapeseed than the previous year. Most of the areas will be allocated for world selection rapeseed hybrids with high yield potential, procured directly from producers. A smaller part of the area will be sown with varieties of foreign selection grown in the holding's own fields and modified at the facilities of the Ukrlandfarming's seed plant.

The company also notes that this year is rather challenging for rapeseed sowing in Ukraine due to specific weather conditions. Ukrlandfarming plans to compensate for possible insufficient sowing of rapeseed in dry regions by planting in regions with more favourable conditions.

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Earlier it was reported that Ukrlandfarming had completed harvesting of early grains. The company's harvest has a three times higher quality than in 2018.

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