Ukrlandfarming grain storages accumulated half-million tons of new crop

In early September, Ukrlandfarming's network of grain elevators received more than half a million tons of new crop grain for storage. This volume is 10% more from the relevant period last year.

"Since last year, our grain elevators have 40% more commodities from third-party suppliers, which shows that both small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises and large agricultural holdings trust Ukrlandfarming. The company's largest grain elevator, Agroterminal Construction, having the capacity of 488 thou. t has already received more than 122 thou. t of early grains," noted Vladimir Sushchenko, Deputy Director General for Elevator and Mixed Feed Production of Ukrlandfarming.

According to him, the grain elevator of the company, Agrarian Perspective, having the capacity of 82 thou. t, made a turn-over with early grains, working exclusively with third-party suppliers. At present, it is already beginning to receive late crops.

Ukrlandfarming invested about USD 1 million in the treatment facilities of its elevator complexes.

Previously reported that Ukrlandfarming's grain elevators are overloaded as a result of grain rail cars shortage. The company reported not being able to deliver commodities to the port in time.

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