NIBULON Kherson branch received record 2 mln t of grain

NIBULON branch, Kozats'ka, in Kherson region
NIBULON branch, Kozats'ka, in Kherson region
Photo by: Пресс-служба «НИБУЛОН»

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Kozats'ka branch of NIBULON in Kherson region has received 2.15 mln t of grain since its commissioning earlier this year. The transshipment terminal is the first company's facility to cross the 2 mln t receipt volume.

As noted by the company, owing to grain cargoes water transportation through the transshipment terminal in Kherson region, the number of trucks on the roads cut by more than 83 thou. units.

"In about six months of the current marketing year, Kozats'ka branch loaded about 100 non-self-propelled vessels with more than 295 thou. t of agricultural commodities. The share of trucks in the shipment amounted to only 0.2%," noted the company.

Since the launch, the enterprise has received about 1.039 mln t of wheat, 433 thou. t of barley, 359 thou. t of corn, 193 thou. t of rape, 37.6 thou. t of sorghum, more than 78 thou. t soybeans and 9 thou. t of sunflower.

Earlier the company reported that 22 its production branches harvested the highest for the company crop — 367 thou. t, 9% more from 2018. Early grains production exceeded 160 thou. t, and 207 thou. t of late crops.

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