NIBULON branches harvested ever highest for the company crop

22 production branches of NIBULON harvested the highest for the company crop — 367 thou. t, 9% more from 2018. Early grains production exceeded 160 thou. t, and 207 thou. t of late crops.

"This is the best result in all the years of the company's activities, but we still have something else to be proud of this season. The main result in 2019 was a record total yield of wheat — 138 thou. t, sunflower yielded — 2.5 t/ha and sorghum — 6.11 t/ha. These are also unprecedented figures for the entire history of the company," said Konstantin Khmelnitsky, Deputy CEO for Agricultural Production.

As reported, the company's branches apply advanced agricultural technologies and machinery, monitor the implementation of complex technology of crop production, which provides high results in the fields.

In the current season, the bulk yield of grain and leguminous crops in Ternopil region reached 2.7 mln t, 148.2 thou. t more from 2018.

As a reminder, Egypt purchased 60 thou. t of tendered Ukrainian wheat on December 10th. The country bought grain produced by the NIBULON company.

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