Astarta-Kyiv wheat sales down in 4Q 2019

The agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv cut wheat sales in 4Q 2019 by 51% or 38.54 thou. t, the WSE data shows.

Wheat sales dropped from 74.98 thou. t in 4Q 2018 to 36.44 in 4Q 2019. The volume of corn traded increased by 1.5x to 251.51 thou. t (4Q 2018: 158.37 thou. t). Average realized price for wheat and corn dropped 24 and 14%, respectively (UAH 4.243 and UAH 4.079).

Sugar sales in 4Q 2019 increased by 16% to 60.87 thou. t. As reported, the average realized price is up 1% to UAH 9.701 thou.

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Oilseeds trade was unstable in 4Q 2019. According to the report, sunflower oil sales volumes improved by 69% to 51.33 thou. t. Soybean oil shipment dropped 34% to 10.6 thou. t, soybean meal trade grew by 32% to 44.76 thou. t.

Milk sales by the company regressed by 11% to 22 thou. t vs. 24.58 thou. t in 4Q 2018.

Previously reported that Albacon Ventures Limited, wholly owned by Viktor Ivanchyk, Chief Executive Officer of Astarta-Kyivacquired in total 10 000 shares of the company.

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