Iraq lifted Ukrainian poultry meat import restrictions, officially

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The Iraqi competent authority has lifted the restrictions on poultry meat imports from Ukraine imposed as a result of bird flu cases, the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP) reports.

Earlier, the European Commission approved a decision to include Ukraine into the list of countries subject to zoning principles when registering a bird flu outbreak, which entered into force on March 7, 2020.

According to the report, the European Commission lifted the restrictions on certification of poultry products for export to the EU member states from Ukraine, which means that from Mar. 7, 2020, the export of chicken to the EU is resumed.

"Taking into account the report submitted to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Competent Authority of Iraq has also lifted the restrictions with regard to bird flu in Ukraine," said the State Consumer Service.

Previously reported that MHP resumed exports to the EU.Meat production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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