Vegetable oil load in Ukrainian port terminals close to 100% — opinion

Vegetable oil terminals in ports are almost 100% filled. This may cause delays in the shipment of oil from crushing plants. This was announced by the Head of Logistics Department at Optimus Agro Roman Suzak during the on-line briefing "Grain Logistics Quarantined" held by

"There appears a delay in the shipment of sunflower oil. As far as I know, there are over 600 thou. t of products in the ports today," said Roman Suzak.

He noted that, according to experts, this is a result of the situation with coronavirus Covid-19 spread in the world: delays in oil supplies to China and Asian countries. The accumulation of stocks has also been further supported by quarantine restrictions on ships that have recently called into ports of China, Italy and several other countries where Covid-19 has been registered.

The demand for several categories of oil and fat market will grow, for some of them — fall. However, the forecast and expectations are rather negative.

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