ViOil exports most of its bottled vegetable oil

The ViOil industrial group's prepackaged goods workshop is currently operating at full capacity. The company ships for export almost all bottled vegetable oil produced. The main buyers of ViOil products are China, the Middle East and EU countries.

The line for bottling vegetable oil packs the finished product into 1L and 5L plastic containers.

"The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is changing the pattern of global vegetable oil consumption. More and more countries are now forced to introduce quarantine measures and people are switching to home food. This has led to increased demand for packaged products. We are ready to respond to the demands of our consumers and provide them with high-quality products," said Pavel Ivanov, CEO of the ViOil industrial group.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant and Chernivtsi OFP, structural divisions of ViOil, together held a 24.3% share of the rapeseed oil market in Ukraine in the year 2019.

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