AGROTRADE started spring campaign earlier on low soil moisture

AGROTRADE has started spring crops sowing campaign a week earlier than planned due to the insufficient level of soil moisture. Besides, it was decided to make changes in the soil cultivation technology.

The company's branches have also started sunflower and corn sowing.

"Herbicides require smaller soil particles and we have not achieved it yet. This is not critical, but we have replaced the cultivators with disc harrows, which help to fight the soil crust," said Oleksandr Ovsyanik, Head of Agro-Industrial Department of the company.

As noted by the company, spring wheat and barley sowing is complete. Short-term frosts observed in the country did not cause significant damage.

It is planned to finalize planting by May 5. The company expects sunflower to be the highest yielding crop this year as it is drought-resistant and adaptive.

"In addition, the company grows organic products. Peas, mustard, corn, sunflower, winter wheat and barley will be sown on 2.5 thou. ha in Kharkiv region. The works are planned to be performed till April 25," the company says.

AGROTRADE's cropping plan in the current production season includes:

  • corn: 23 thou. ha;
  • winter wheat: 16 thou. ha;
  • sunflower: 14 thou. ha;
  • winter rapeseed: 5.2 thou. ha;
  • soybean: 4 thou. ha.

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