Sunflower oil export to China boosted 40% in May

Sunflower oil export from Ukraine in Jan-May 2020 totalled 3.17 mln t for the amount of USD 2.3 bln, the State Customs Service of Ukraine reports.

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Among the major markets in the period are the following:

  • India: 725.95 thou. t, USD 526.8 mln, 22.88% of the total supply
  • China: 432.78 thou. t, USD 314.3 mln, 13.64%
  • Netherlands: 306.49 thou. t, USD 222.5 mln, 9.66%
  • other countries: 1.7 mln t, USD 1.24 bln, 53.81%

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

May imports by India total 139.9 thou. t (+23%), China 123 thou. t (+40%) and the Netherlands 42 thou. t (16%).

Ukraine's sunflower harvest in 2020 is expected to reach 16-16.2 mln t vs. the prior year's 15.5 mln t.

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