Continental Farmers Group started harvesting campaign 2020

Continental Farmers Group harvesting early grains
Early grains harvesting in Continental Farmers Group fields
Photo by: Пресс-служба «Континентал Фармерз Групп»

Continental Farmers Group (CFG) started the harvesting campaign 2020: the agricultural holding began harvesting early grain crops with thrashing winter barley, the next in line being winter rape, winter wheat, winter rye and spring wheat.

Continental Farmers Group plans harvesting crops in a total area of 102 thou. ha during the first wave of the harvesting campaign. Winter barley areas total 23.2 thou. ha, winter rapeseed 33.8 thou. ha, while winter and spring wheat account for 42.2 and 1.6 thou. ha, respectively. Winter rye will be harvested on the area of 1 thou. ha.

"This harvest is very important and indicative to us, as it is the first one produced as a result of our performing sowing and harvesting operations in a new format, as a united and integrated Continental Farmers Group. All harvesting operations started as planned: in separate clusters, while the weather was such that we managed to put our combine harvesters in the fields a couple of days earlier," Georg von Nolcken, Continental Farmers Group CEO, commented on the current harvesting campaign.

Long-lasting downpours that made the agricultural producers somewhat uneasy a few days before were, in effect, positive rather than negative to the company's crops because they had a beneficial effect on the spring crops, CFG's CEO noted. Certain local peculiarities caused by the weather conditions can be taken in one’s stride and would have no appreciable impact on our harvesting campaign on a company scale, he added.

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As reported, the upgrades to the company’s vehicle park that the Continental Farmers Group has been performing over the course of the past two years thanks to SALIC, its international investor, are a great help and promote the effective and coordinated performance of the harvesting campaign. In particular, the 26 new CLAAS LEXION 770 combine harvesters using TERRA TRAC half-track technology prove their high effectiveness in the fields.

The company plans using approximately 750 machinery units in the course of its harvesting campaign: 93 of its own and 50 rental combine harvesters as well as 600 trucks for the delivery of the harvested crops. The elevators owned by Continental Farmers Group are fully prepared to receive the new crop grain.

Previously reported that in the current production season CFG planted 32.3 thou. ha of sunflower, 32.1 thou. ha of soybean and 21.7 thou. ha of corn.

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