Nika-Tera ag commodities handling up 20% in 2019/20

Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera
Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera
Photo by: пресс-служба МСП «Ника-Тера» / SSP Nika-Tera

The Sea Specialized Port Nika-Teraa structural division of Group DF, provided for the transshipment of 6.4 mln t of agricultural commodities in 2019/20, 20% higher from 2018/19.

As reported by the company, the growth of agricultural products handling volumes was driven by barley (+141%), wheat (+51%) and meal (+42%). Besides, for the first time, the port started handling rapeseed.

Traditionally, grains, pulses, oilseeds and derived products transshipment structure is dominated by wheat and corn.

"We improved the top-off technology for cargo transshipment on Panamax type vessels on roads in 2019/20. Of 26 Panamax type vessels, which called to our port, 20 vessels were successfully topped-off on roads. Along with the loading of large-capacity vessels with grain and meal, this year we carried out the first raid transshipment of sunflower oil," commented Alim Agakishiev, Harbormaster of SSP Nika-Tera.

In total in the 2019/20 season, the port handled 263 vessels loading them with grain, leguminous and oilseed cargoes, as well as products of their processing. At the same time, the number of handled Panamax type vessels increased more than 3x YoY.

Previously reported that the port received the first shipment of new crop grain.

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