Soybean and sunflower prices unusual for season's launch

While the first cuts of sunflower and soybean show disappointing yields and reduced oil content for sunflower, prices for these two crops are at levels never seen before for a season launch, the Agritel consultancy writes. It is reported that it is observed for prices in both hryvnia and dollar.

On a central EXW basis, soybean seed is priced at around 400 USD/t including VAT, compared to around 410 USD/t for sunflower seed.

"As is the case on the Ukrainian corn market today, these price levels reflect strong demand on the import side for both sunflower oil and soybean meal," the report reads.

Earlier it was reported that the estimate for corn and sunflower production in Ukraine was again revised downward by the Ministry for the Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture.


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