Economy Ministry cut estimate for corn harvest in Ukraine by another 2 mln t

The estimate for corn and sunflower production in Ukraine has been again revised downward by the Ministry for the Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, deputy minister Taras Vysotsky stated.

"Heat waves and drought are persisting in Ukraine. Consequently, corn will yield significantly lower. At the moment, we expect the bulk yield of corn at 33 mln tons and 68 mln t of grains in general. Sunflower harvest is projected at 14 mln t," he specified.

Previously the ministry cut the projected grain production by all categories of farms in 2020 from 72.1 to about 70 mln t.

Since the start of 2020/21, staple grains export shipment from Ukraine has reached 7.05 mln t. As of August 31, agricultural commodities shipment dropped by 1.71 mln t (20%) YoY. Corn exports dropped 69% YoY on the reporting date.


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