OLIS launched oats processing plant for Kazakhstan company

Ukraine's leading manufacturer of grain processing equipment, the company OLIS, put into operation a complete plant for processing oats. The company launched online an enterprise in Kostanay region of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the company Mibeko, Elevatorist.com writes.

"In September 2020, we completed the installation and launched the plant for processing of oats into cereals with the capacity of 60 t per day with an output of 32 t per day. At this plant, the flake line is universal and provides for the production of flakes both from oats and other cereals such as buckwheat, wheat, barley, rye, etc.," OLIS commercial director Vladimir Cheglatonev commented.

The company's specialists engineered the technological part of the plant project, as well as manufactured and delivered a set of technological, transport and aspiration equipment. Installation was carried out in a rather difficult time when entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan was prohibited by quarantine restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 spread in the country. As Vladimir Cheglatonev noted, well-coordinated work of specialists of Mibeko and OLIS facilitated the installation of equipment and implementation of the plant automation system in online mode. Start-up and adjustment of the plant with a subsequent reach of its planned production capacity took only a few days.

"This repeatedly confirms the excellent level of OLIS engineering service," the commercial director of the company added.

Mibeko director Mirzokhalim Kadyrov mentioned that the company decided to build a processing plant last year.

"Our company was engaged in crop production and production of flour and cereals. In 2019, we made a decision to expand our production and build a plant for processing oats into cereals and flakes, thus providing Kostanay residents with quality products. To implement the project, we chose the Ukrainian company OLIS, which is considered one of the leading manufacturers both in technical and technological terms in the post-Soviet space. All works had been completed on time, and the plant was launched in just a few days," said Mirzokhalim Kadyrov.

Previously reported that among regions in Ukraine, the bulk of capital investment in agriculture, hunting and related services in the first half of 2020 was made in Kyiv region — UAH 1.76 bln.

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