Cygnet completed winter wheat sowing

Cygnet Agrocompany completed sowing of winter wheat on the area of 1.96 thou. ha. The campaign started on October 1 and lasted for 14 days.

"We couldn't start sowing earlier, as there was no productive rainfall for crops development. This trend is becoming more and more pressing every year. So far there is enough moisture, the air temperature is also optimal. Weather conditions contribute to the autumn development of winter crops. We hope that all our efforts will come to fruition," says Yuriy Borydchenko, deputy director for crop production at Cygnet Agrocompany.

Follow the winter crops sowing progress with the Sowing Online 2020/21 project. The project was created in partnership with BASF.

As of October 13, agriproducers in Ukraine conducted sowing of winter crops for the harvest 2021 on 5.06 mln ha accounting for 47% of the planned 8.2 mln ha.

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